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Your smile speaks volumes, and at Teneriffe Dental, we understand its impact on your confidence and well-being. If you find yourself feeling held back by imperfections like crooked, stained, crowded, or missing teeth, our experienced team is here to help you achieve the radiant smile you deserve.

Read on if you’ve been seeking a smile makeover in Brisbane.

Transformative Smile Makeovers Tailored for You

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Hayden Stewart, our cosmetic dentistry team has been transforming smiles in Brisbane, including New Farm, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Teneriffe, and beyond, for over 20 years. Our commitment is to provide personalised care and help you achieve your dream smile.

Boost Your Confidence with a Radiant Smile

A smile makeover isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about boosting your confidence. Imagine having straighter, whiter, and more uniform teeth. Picture the positive impact on your personal and professional life, from social engagements to professional opportunities.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Procedures

At Teneriffe Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures to address your unique needs:

Porcelain Veneers:

A natural-looking solution for crooked, chipped, or stained teeth. Veneers will look like real teeth and should last for years.

Invisalign and Braces:

Correct crooked or crowded teeth for improved appearance. Straightening can also help align your bite and make it easier to chew food.

Teeth Whitening:

Choose from in-office or take-home options for a brighter smile.

All-on-Fours and Implants:

Restore your smile with durable, natural-looking solutions for missing teeth.

Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry

Our commitment extends beyond smile makeovers. Teneriffe Dental provides emergency dentist services, professional cleanings, exams, and comprehensive general dentistry to maintain your smile’s health and appearance.

Your Journey to a Confident Smile Starts Here

Don’t let your smile hold you back any longer. Take the first step toward a brighter, more confident smile by scheduling an obligation-free, complimentary appointment with Teneriffe Dental. Our friendly and experienced team is here to discuss your options, create a personalised treatment plan, and guide you through the journey to transforming your smile.

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