Welcome to Teneriffe Dental, your premier destination for sensitivity-free teeth whitening in Brisbane. Led by Dr. Hayden Stewart and his expert team, our practice seamlessly blends innovative dentistry with elements of colour, music, and nature, providing an calming experience. We see patients seeking a cosmetic dentist, emergency dentist, or specialists in Invisalign, braces, and teeth whitening.

Creating Tranquility Through Design

In our oasis nestled in the heart of Brisbane, we’ve meticulously curated an environment that feels like a retreat rather than a traditional dental practice. At Teneriffe Dental, your journey begins with an experience that nurtures both body and mind.

Innovative Partnerships for Sensitivity-Free Whitening

Teneriffe Dental proudly partners with HiSmile, a Queensland based industry leader renowned for their sensitivity-free teeth whitening products. After thorough testing, HiSmile’s PAP+ whitening treatments have become an integral part of our whitening treatments.

PAP+: A Scientific Breakthrough

Scientifically develped to redefine the whitening experience, the PAP+ whitening solutions significantly reduce the likelihood of sensitivity. Unlike traditional methods, PAP+ avoids the use of peroxide, the usual source of post-whitening pain. This ensures you not only achieve a whiter smile, but you also enjoy a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Experience Low or No Sensitivity

Thanks to the revolutionary PAP+ formula, our patients often experience minimal to no sensitivity during and after their whitening treatments. Bid farewell to the discomfort associated with teeth whitening and embrace a new era of sensitivity-free whitening.

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Ready to transform your smile without the worry of sensitivity? Teneriffe Dental invites you to book an obligation-free consultation and discover the art of sensitivity-free teeth whitening in Brisbane. Whether you’re seeking a cosmetic dentist, emergency dentist, or specialised care delivering Invisalign, braces, and teeth whitening, our team is dedicated to elevating your dental experience. Join us in our commitment to innovation and embrace a brighter, more confident smile. Your journey to a radiant, sensitivity-free smile starts here. We serve patients in Brisbane, New Farm, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Teneriffe, and beyond.