Welcome to Teneriffe Dental, where we make your dream smile a reality. Are you considering Invisalign clear aligners? One common question we get is: what is the treatment time for invisalign? Let’s delve into your journey to a straighter smile. Remember, experiences vary, and this info is general.

Treatment Time for Invisalign

Curious about your straightening journey duration? Most patients see improvements within 12-18 months. It depends on consistent aligner wear.

Understanding The Process

Treatment time hinges on factors like case complexity and the distance teeth need to move. Aim for 20+ hours of retainer wear daily. Regular check-ups with Dr. Hayden Stewart speed up adjustments. Not wearing aligners regularly can extend treatment times.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

Invisalign is subtle with no metal brackets or wires. Clear aligners are virtually invisible—a game-changer in straightening technology.

Our Expertise

At Teneriffe Dental, led by Dr. Hayden Stewart, we specialise in general and cosmetic dentistry. Beyond straightening, we enhance your smile. From dental cleans to emergencies, veneers, and makeovers, we’ve got you covered. Many team members have experienced Invisalign to straighten our own teeth.

Teeth Whitening for an Extra Glow

Enhance Invisalign results with teeth whitening for a radiant, confident look. We serve Brisbane, New Farm, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Teneriffe, and beyond.

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